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By now because you’ve found me I’m going to assume you’re looking to increase your online presence & ultimately your revenue. SEO can help you do just that. Whether you’re looking to rank for a local term such as SEO Leeds or a more generalised term like Digital SEO. I can help your business grow. You can talk to any Digital Marketing Agency Leeds has to offer and they’ll all tell you that by far SEO is the best investment you can make into you’re business. Transparency & trust is at the heart of what I do. To provide more transparency and flexibility was key in my decision to become a Freelance Consultant in Leeds as opposed to working for a company in Leeds.

Before making the investment, please do your research. I’m not here to hard-sell. A quick search on Google for SEO Leeds will provide you with hundreds of optimisation services if you’re looking to work with an individual; or something like digital agency for a company.

I Will Use The Same SEO Techniques Used To Rank This Page For SEO Leeds (I Also Rank For Other SEO Related Terms)


 Technique 1: Increase Your online Branding Profile

Increase your Branding Profile

Previously, you were able to rank by spamming your way to the top. If you wanted to appear on the first page of Google for you’re target keyword; you would simply build links from anywhere (any website) and use your target keyword as your anchor text. Those days are long gone. Now it’s a branding process. You have to spread your business brand in the right places. High authority websites that are related to your niche. This is a signal to the search engines that you are not just a fly-by-night business and that you are in this for the long run.

When it comes to building a brand online; it’s also important that you have a strong & consistent Social Media profile. As part of this process. I will ensure you have a Social profile that builds trust.

 Technique 2: Increase Your Domain Authority

Improve Domain Authority



Domain Authority is similar to branding in the sense that it is about trust, but this is more about serving your audience and relevancy as opposed to just “spreading the word” on social Media platforms etc. This is about getting backlinks to your pages that are very specific and highly trusted by the search engines & linking to them in a certain way. A way that targets your keywords so that you increase your domain authority & ultimately rank higher in the search results.

Technique 3: Create A Great User Experience

Create A Great User Experience


I will make sure your website is user-friendly; easy to navigate around and engaging. With high-quality content that answers visitors queries. Ensuring they get what they’re looking for and don’t return back to there search as this is bad for your rankings. Furthermore, I will ensure your pages meet Googles page-speed requirements. I see this time and time again where pages are slow & buggy. If I searched “Search Engine Experts” I guarantee I’ll come across a slow website. Yep even the “experts” don’t practice what they preach.

Technique 4: Optimise Your Content

optimised content for seo leeds image

I will make sure your content is carefully crafted to ensure so that you gain the maximum exposure to more traffic. If your content is ill-structured – you won’t be found in searches results. Think of it as like losing your voice. How can you let Google know what your site is about without a voice??

There’s a popular phrase within the SEO industry “Content is King”It’s difficult to disagree; the reason is that around 60% of the ranking factors relate to the quality of your on-page content. This does not mean stuffing it with your chosen keywords and hoping for the best. Google is much smarter now which mean’s, where you place your keywords and the frequency in which you use them is very finely balanced. Failure to get that balance right could see you lose your rankings altogether and obtain an algorithmic penalty.

Technique 5: Technically Optimise Your Website

As I mentioned before a key element in SEO is “User Experience” and under the umbrella of User Experience is Site Speed. Site speed is vital to your success. To achieve this you need to have a well-oiled back-end to ensure your users don’t switch off because your site is slow. This is not only a ranking factor; it can severely harm your conversation rates.

Every technique used will be safe and will not put your business at risk. I will be using the same methods I used to rank this page.

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