No1 SEO Consultant Leeds – My Objective

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No1 SEO Consultant Leeds – That’s My Aim

Being the top SEO Consultant in Leeds is the overall objective for me personally. So that my business is the one that everyone turns to in Leeds for their SEO needs. Leeds is one of the most competitive local niches when it comes to SEO. I’m competing against some of the top SEO agencies in the country let-alone Leeds. Many of the local companies also operate in places like London too. Ultimately this is something I want to do in the future because by not doing so I’m giving myself a huge mountain to climb.

Leeds is a huge city no-doubt about it but in comparison to London, the SEO requirements are much less. I have to take it one step at a time though and start by dominating the Leeds SEO scene. This will be a slow and steady process as SEO is not what it once was. A couple of links with the term “SEO Leeds” and you were good to go within weeks. It’s not like this now you have to be patient. Google has turned the pace down somewhat.

Getting SEO Clients

As of today 02/04/18, I’m at position 34. So, for now, I don’t expect to get any business. I mean I wouldn’t hire an SEO consultant who wasn’t on the 1st page of Google in their local area, so how can I expect anyone else to. My plan is to get to the 1st page and then start to build my SEO reputation from there.

It’s Not Just About My SEO Rankings

when I say I want to become the “No1 SEO Consultant Leeds” I don’t mean I’m just going to get loads of clients and try to rank them. It’s about me providing excellent an customer experience. One that is flexible and understanding. SEO is a Journey, I want my customers to understand their journey so that they can feel confident in their investment. I want to over-deliver; not under-deliver. Time & time again I See companies offering the world and only getting a street. (If That) They’re assigned an SEO Executive who will probably have a portfolio of around 10-20 clients and realistically can only spend about 1 hour a week on your SEO. If You’re in a competitive niche this is nowhere near enough.

SEO Packages & Pricing

You’ll notice I don’t have a packages page with any prices etc. Not because I’m hiding the cost. It’s sim[ly so that my prices are fair. I only offer bespoke SEO packages. There is no such thing as one size fits all in this game. The price will depend on your competition. For example, if you wanted to rank for men’s clothing you would face competition from lots of well-established competition so the amount of work would be higher than say a local term like SEO in Leeds. Establishing a price isn’t as simple as that though. Lots of analysis goes into looking at your competitors to come up with a strategy to out-rank them.

See you on page 1 for SEO Consultant Leeds Soon!