SEO Agency Leeds – Revenue Before Quality


Bad backlinking SEO Agency Leeds

Bad back-linking SEO Agency Leeds


When it comes to finding an SEO Agency Leeds is able to offer you them in abundance. My take on agencies though is that there is a total lack of transparency regarding what you are paying for and it can often be very over priced. Let’s take a look at one of the tasks an an agency such as Twentysix may action for you if you. (Note they are being used for example purposes only)

Link Building

Still the most important of all in Google ranking factors however still the area that suffers the most manipulation and trickery. This is known as Blackhat SEO. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive enough to ignore that these techniques can be very effective if they are executed correctly. The problem is though they don’t come without risk. If Google discovers you are not following the guidelines set by them – you’re in trouble… It won’t matter if you rank number 1 for Digital Marketing Agency Leeds, SEO Consultant Leeds or any other keyword for that matter, nor does it matter if you have branding power like epiphany Leeds for example you will see you’re rankings plummet.

How Exactly Can it Go Wrong Though?

Back in the 90’s lets say you’re target keyword for a post/page was SEO Agency Leeds or freelance SEO Leeds you could hire someone like Jonny Ross Consultancy & they could just aquire links from anywhere by the thousands. The links could even be from an adult site (even if your website was about SEO) and when they link they request the link they would utilise what is known as Exact Match Anchor Texts which is basically linking from the site using the term you are looking to be on the 1st page of Google for – design Agencies Leeds for example.

Now though the goal -posts have changed somewhat… You can’t just links from anywhere anymore. You need to be linking from high quality & relevant sites. If not Google will penalise you for spammy links. The same goes for anchor texts too. Google is now monitoring these and will penalise you for over-optimisation if you exceed a certain anchor text ratio. (this does vary depending on your niche. Search Engine Optimisation in Leeds for example is a local term so Google looks for more branding links.

What Are Branding links??

Branded Links

Branded Links

These are links that are free of anchor texts and that use you’re brand name. Their are two ways to convey branding in you’re anchor texts.

  • Naked URL (
  • Brand Name (Brass Leeds or Epiphany Search)


The problem is though you might think you’ve found the best SEO Agency Leeds has to offer but they can and some will utilise the methods of link building discussed above. They are aware of the risks so I’ve observed this being done on a smaller scale but just over a longer period. Ultimately this makes them more money as opposed to using high quality & trusted techniques


Simply because they have so many clients and often have several facets to their operation Branded 3 for example don’t just offer SEO they are a full digital marketing agency. They tend to focus on creativity and attract higher levels of traffic through their creative agency Leeds rankings. They may also rank for other creativity related terms such web design Leeds but still offer SEO.

The morale of the story here is do you’re research don’t just search SEO Agency Leeds and go with it.