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parallax Leeds Logo

Parallax Leeds Logo


Parallax Leeds is currently at the tip of every bodies tongue when it comes to talking about digital marketing right now. This would certainly explain the recent surge in searches for “digital marketing agency Leeds” in Google. I don’t see this declining any time soon…

Who Are They?

We’re a digital agency in Leeds & London. A good one. We design and build websites and apps. But we also do more than that – we craft engaging content as part of strategic marketing campaigns, build bespoke software, get friendly with search engines through extensive optimisation skills and turn our hands to all kinds of design, development and digital marketing.

They are indeed a “good one” – being able to compete with the likes of Epiphany Leeds Jaywing & Branded3 is no easy feet but they are certainly providing fierce competition. But what exactly is it that makes them one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies Leeds is offering at present?

They’re Everything Digital & They’re Smiling

Parallax Leeds have really equipped themselves well in terms of their expertise. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind they really know what they are doing. Not only that though – when you go see them there’s a real buzz about the place its written all over every bodies face that they really are passionate about and enjoy digital work. Because of the sheer diversity in terms of their expertise – you could certainly describe them as THE DIGITAL AGENCY LEEDS.

Lets take a closer look at what they offer in terms of websites alone.


Parallax Leeds Website Design


They don’t just create a bog standard WordPress blog type website. They’ve got every angle covered when it comes to creating/managing websites. Search “Web Design Agency Leeds” or “Web Agency Leeds” in Google or youtube and you’ll see they’re a serious player in the web design game. You’re probably thinking – ok yeah they’ll get fancy colours and images and put it all into a template CMS and that’s it. You couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Parallax Leeds conduct extensive research into you’re business before even thinking about the design of your site. I personally feel they’ll soon be recognised as the number 1 creative agency Leeds. You can try other companies such as Twenty Six Leeds or  Enjoy Digital Leeds and you will soon realise that no other agency is like them. When it comes to getting companies to think outside the box Leeds falls -short. This certainly cannot be said for Parallax.

Scoping & Research

Digital moves fast. Goals and capabilities should be aligned from the outset. Scoping is all about getting under the skin of a new website and figuring out what it can do for you. We start by investigating how your business operates and develop a blueprint, designed to provide a return on investment based on your market, your competitors and your peers. With a deep understanding of your interactions, we can enhance the relationships you have with your customers, thereby increasing your brand value and – ultimately – your bottom line.

The content they add to your pages is exactly what you need in order to be found by the Search Engines today. They’ll make sure you’re content is well optimised (but readable) there’s no keyword stuffing from them. They don’t rank for high competition terms like “SEO Leeds” & “SEO Bradford” for no reason. They also give you the option of using your own content if you wish. (this could be cheaper too) They have a team of esteemed SEO experts in what could be considered as they’re internal “search laboratory” More on their SEO later…


Parallax Leeds Use Wireframing


Once the design team get hold of the content they don’t just throw it on. Parallax Leeds use a technique called “wireframing” which is essentially re-designing your content for it to be more effective on the web.

Tech Specs

They have a great ability to meet your needs and your customers needs without affecting the technical performance of your website. Ensuring the technical aspects of the site – the back-end if you like allows your visitors to do what they need to do on your pages. Theres no way any other design agencies Leeds offers goes to this extent when it comes to the technical performance of a website. Why not see for yourself & give Brass Leeds or Carat Leeds a call?

User Experience Design

Another key element in their success is the vast knowledge and level of comprehension when it comes to User Experience. It’s okay to be pretty but visitors need to become customers at the end of the day and  Parallax Leeds acknowledge this in abundance. Their development team is divided in to two – one focuses on front end matters Ie the design such as images & animations and the other focuses on back end matters (The driving force behind any of the interactive elements of the websites pages.

Technical SEO

I said we’d be returning to SEO so here we are. We’ve talked a lot about the design elements and user experience of websites in which Parallax Leeds are total champions. However, SEO is also a strength of theirs as good as the next best SEO Consultant Leeds throws out. In fact if you were looking for SEO alone without digital SEO, Parallax Leeds are as well-placed to serve you in this area as any other SEO Agency Leeds has to offer you. They have the more technical SEO guys who handle the tech side of search engine optimisation and then they have what you could call a “digital brand response group” which is more geared towards marketing & content etc.

Final Thoughts

Parallax Leeds would be a sound choice for anything digital to be honest but as I’ve focused on the web with them I would be more inclined to recommend them for this. Another option you could consider is:-

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