Freelance SEO Leeds – My Rise up The SERPS

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Freelance SEO Leeds – My Rise up The SERPS

There are many reasons why becoming the “number 1 Freelance SEO Leeds” became my primary objective when I started SEO a few years back. It’s not the reason you might think. Which is more than likely going to be money… Apologies if I’m wrong. Its actually because I wanted to build something for myself, something I could be proud of.

Where Did it All Begin?

Well, my story isn’t the usual “oh I’ve always had a passion for SEO” etc etc. I actually taught myself SEO during a period of unemployment and that’s where it all started. I’d been wanting to do something online for sometime and so I started looking into web design and came across WordPress and started playing around templates and designs. Teaching myself the basics of using YouTube and other online resources; I quickly picked up on the basics and wanted to do a bit more so I started playing with code and tweaking templates.

Shortly after a friend became aware of me doing websites etc and due to my lack of commercial experience. I offered to do this for free. Despite it all going really; by the time finished it I realised coding and design wasn’t for me but she asked me If I knew about SEO. At the time I knew a little bit so I accepted the challenge and taught myself along the way. This was a great success within 3 months the website was on the 1st page of Google and I’d really enjoyed it.

I began searching SEO – including the term “freelance SEO Leeds”

As you can imagine by this time I began to think this was going to be the way forward for me. Aspiring to be like but better than existing freelancers such as Jonny Ross Consultancy, Dan Ray Leeds & Gareth SEO Consultant. These Guys were all dominating SEO in Leeds so I would have been stupid not to research them. Some of my competitors aren’t just pitching themselves an SEO in Leeds but they also earn their crust in the PPC Leeds scene. Something I’m soon going to be getting involved in for another personal project of mine.


The next stage for me was to increase my knowledge and get this website where it needed to be to able to offer SEO in Leeds. I started following and studying other SEO Experts UK & beyond. This time and investment spent learning all things SEO has certainly paid off and I’m now able to conduct SEO in all industries.


To increase my knowledge and understanding of the industry and be at the very forefront. I ‘ve also conducted lots of SEO experiments within a self-created test environment. This helps me weed out those nonsense tactics written in countless blogs by those claiming to be “experts”

What’s Next?

Continue striving to become the top Freelance SEO Leeds. Once that’s been achieved I’ll spread my wings and begin to rank as an SEO specialist London for example.