Epiphany Leeds – The Powerhouse Of Leeds SEO

Epiphany Leeds Homepage Caputure

Epiphany Leeds Homepage Caputure

Just How Has Epiphany Leeds Dominated The Local SERPS For So Long??

Epiphany Leeds is a a division of Jaywing which is a very effective service group. Epiphany campaign management is truely top-class. They have been at the top of the SERRPS for extremely competitive terms such as “SEO Leeds”  “Creative Agency Leeds” “SEO agency Leeds” and “digital agency Leeds” for some time. In this article I’m going to discuss exactly why Epiphany Leeds have become such a powerful in not just the world of SEO but online marketing in general utilising their extensive knowledge of PPC (Pay Per Click) Formerly known as Google Adwords & other marketing aspects such as e-mail marketing. Epiphany email marketing is truly outstanding their conversion rates speak for themselves. (More on this later)

So What Do They Offer?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • PPC
  • Display
  • Websites

In this post I want to focus the SEO work. Simply because this is the service I offer. That being said I think it is worth mentioning they are also a front runner for “PPC Leeds” They are fast becoming the turn to for digital marketing in Leeds. Again, using their SEO know-how they are able to rank highly for terms such as “digital marketing agency Leeds”

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is straight forward for me to discuss. The fact you are reading this on my website is an in indication that you already have some basic understanding of SEO and its purpose. But just how have Epiphany  achieved the results they have?


Image Of Content and SEO in blocks

Content is powerful in SEO

Well Optimised Content

If you look at their website you will notice that the content has been written with a clear purpose. That purpose is to be found in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) The term “SEO” is mentioned a total of 9 times in the SEO section of their website. You may notice no mention of Leeds… Why?… Good question… They really know what they’re doing and what the Search Engines are looking for that’s why. The days of Keyword Stuffing are long gone i’m afraid since the Google Panda algorithm update way back in 2011. Panda was designed to dig out spammy or “low quality” websites.  Now you need to add content to you’re pages strategically. Otherwise you wont be seeing your website high up in Google anytime soon – you could well land yourself a penalty. in-fact your website could dissappear until you fix it. So instead they’ve mentioned SEO and utilised other methods in order to convey their location. (I outline some of the methods below)

  • Name Address Postcode or (NAP)
  • Title Tags “Take A Tour of Our Leeds Office”
  • Google Maps
  • Local SEO Links such as directories and local events pages

All this means the rest of the content on the page is able to be  read naturally and is fit for humans and not just search engines.


Strong Backlink Profile

One look at AHREFS and you can see that strong link- building has been a key element in the Epiphany marketing strategy. Below is a capture of some of the strongest Backlinks they have pointing to their website. As you can see there is a stack of big name players on there. These are known as a”Authority Sites” These are the sites that add trust to your website in Google’s eyes. This is certainly a big factor in their ability to outrank other big players locally. Parallax Leeds, Branded3, Twentysix Leeds, Enjoy Digital Leeds, & Sticky Eyes Leeds to name a few. The Image below certainly doesn’t tell you the full story in terms of the number of links they’ve acquired. They have a total of 1.8K referring domains linking to their domain. That gives you an idea of the effort they’ve put into link building.

Not only that though, this is clear reflection of there authority within the SEO industry, not just locally but nationally & internationally. Type Epiphany Digital or Epiphany Inc into Google & you’ll be sure to find them.  (with no mention of Leeds or any other local search term.

Epiphany Backlink Profile Screenshot

Epiphany Backlink Profile Screenshot


As you can see there is nothing spammy about the link profile they have. They have plenty of high authority links. They also have a good mixture of no-follow and do-follow links.

Great User Experience

Epiphany are also one of the best design agencies Leeds has to offer and its easy to see why when you look at the design of their own website.  Design is a major factor in terms of “User experience – which has certainly become a ranking factor in 2017. This doesn’t just mean how the site looks (although that helps certainly from a branding point of view. It is about how well is the website structured? is it easy to navigate and understand? Does it load quickly (yes page speed is important despite what you may read elsewhere) The’ve certainly made sure the website is indeed easy to navigate with the use of a top navigational menu and the one-page scroll design that has been implemented on their pages. Furthermore, they have a really well-structured internal linking system. Which all counts towards the User Experience rating of your website.


Epiphany top navigation Menu

Epiphany Top Navigation Menu


Bottom Of The Page After Scrolling

Bottom Of The Page After Scrolling


All These elements have played an essential role in their SEO success story. I think its safe to say Epiphany Leeds will continue to dominate the SERPS for some time.