The Deceptions of A Digital Marketing Agency Leeds

Digital Marketing Agency Leeds Main Image

Digital Marketing Agency Leeds Main Image

Hearing or reading Digital Marketing Agency Leeds for some people is an immediate signpost of trust; simply because they are a digital marketing agency. They somehow think because they’re an organisation they can immediately be trusted but this is far from the case.  Let me also be very clear and say it doesn’t immediately indicate that they cannot be trusted either.

Do Some Research



I cannot stress the importance of doing significant research into any digital marketing agency Leeds has in its arsenal and believe me there are plenty of them. Also don’t just look for them under that search-term either because as I said Leeds has lots of SEO services available; the thing is though they all have different goals and want to rank for different things. You need to consider searching for things like digital agency Leeds, creative agency Leeds, SEO Agency Leeds and so on. Another thing you also need to consider when searching is that the service you are looking for might not be there primary service or purpose but they may be just as good at it/ This could also end up being more cost-effective for you because they may offer it for less than say another marketing agency Leeds  or anywhere for that matter.

Don’t Just Stick To Leeds

Location Section Image

Location Section Image

Think outside the box Leeds as a city has a lot of close links to other cities which could end up being more piratical for you so you can also search terms such as SEO Bradford or SEO Sheffield – even Web Design Bradford because as I mentioned earlier; companies are not always one trick ponies. Before becoming a Freelance SEO Consultant; whilst working for a digital SEO company I  came across at least twenty six Leeds based clients in my last month who wanted too further afield for SEO.

Companies have got smarter though and recognised that there are many who provide SEO from home so they decide to advertise themselves as “THE” Home Agency Leeds. This is designed to convey a more personal touch is on offer. In reality, though this can also be delivered if you just keep things simple and just portrait yourself as an SEO Consultant Leeds.

Quick Tip: Be careful of accents – you wouldn’t want to hear those good old-fashioned Yorkshire tones like  “Tha’s no brass Leeds as ther” coming across in the content of your website.

When I Find One What Should I Look For??

What Should You Look for

What Should You Look for?

It’s not always about what you should look for but more about how you prepare yourself when meeting with any SEO Experts UK or indeed beyond the UK. Competition for SEO in Leeds is fierce and because of this whichever digital marketing agencies Leeds or wherever you deal with may try and blind you with science. By this I mean they could start to use SEO jargon or try to steer you away from SEO altogether and suggest PPC for instance. The person you speak to may claim to offer you the best PPC Leeds. If they do that’s fine but again make sure you research that and collate evidence to backup those claims. Such as their client testimonials. (Try searching PPC Agency Leeds. It would be easy for anybody to claim they are the top SEO Consultant Leeds.  (I’ve seen a failed SEO consultant who was dismissed from his role claim to be the number 1 SEO expert UK) Needless to say, his business soon folded. Be wary of any claims of that nature. If you see something like “top Web Design agency Leeds” take it with a pinch of salt until you have seen the evidence. To help you with this check out my What is an SEO Consultant section on my About page.

Stepping away from SEO for a minute. you also need to look into the business; how it is run the agency values and just try and obtain as much information as you can about them. Look at the level of transparency they’re displaying does it seem cryptic & cagey? Or are they being open & honest with videos etc? Similar to my SEO Leeds page. Ask questions like what type of people do the employ and what skills and expertise do they need to possess in order to work for the company in question? After all, it is these people that are going to be in the driving seat for you/your business during you’re campaign.

Finally on this point – a favorite question of mine is why do they enjoy digital work? If you enjoy it you are more likely to do a better job.


Cost Section Image

How much Should it cost me?

Yes, every bodies favorite part – how much is it going to cost me? Any Web Agency Leeds & beyond is going to tell you they are offering the best price. But it may not be the best for you. Look into your options really deeply when it comes to this because there really is an SEO Blueprint out there. yep – we should all be doing the same or at least similar if we are any good. You might come across the so-called “Best” Digital Agency Harrogate has at its disposal but they might be double the price of epiphany Leeds, just because they are based in Harrogate. I say again, really, really do your research here – look at the more obscure terms not relating to SEO, design agencies Leeds for instance and see what you can find. There are literally hundreds of digital agencies Leeds & in the surrounding areas.

The location once again links into cost because you might prefer the top freelance SEO consultant London to work on your site. Absolutely fine.  You could literally search SEO Consultant UK if you wanted and pick one from their because it is not essential for them to be on your doorstep. I myself advertise myself as a Freelance SEO Leeds but there is nothing to stop me from offering Freelance SEO Manchester or even aspiring to become the best SEO Freelancer London has seen in years… Maybe a bit much but you get my point… Hopefully, after reading this you can make a more informed decision when it comes to the selection of a Digital Marketing Agency Leeds & beyond.

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