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Branded3 – Who Are They & What Do They Do?

Founded in 2003 Branded3 is one of the longest running companies in Leeds’s vast portfolio of marketing specialists. One of their primary focuses is Digital SEO and it is something they have had huge success with. Their high rankings for terms such “digital marketing agency Leeds” & “Digital marketing Agency Leeds” are a reflection of this. SEO hasn’t always been their top priority though, prior to being purchased by ST Ives in 2008; they were known for their excellence as a standard web design agency. They were real front-runners in the field of web design too… If you do a quick search of “web design agency Leeds” you’ll see that their reputation is still well intact.

From 2008 onwards the gears were changed dramatically and Branded3 quickly began to establish itself as the number 1 all-around creative agency Leeds. They have skills in abundance and what makes them great is that if you wish to work for Branded3 you really have to be passionate and enjoy digital creativity. If you need your team to think outside the box Leeds & Branded3 is the place to come. Their diversity in the creative work that they do really set them apart from the plethora of digital marketing agencies Leeds is able to offer you with. They really have come along way from when they were having to pick from low-quality traffic for target keywords such as SEO Bradford & Web Design Bradford.

Successfuly competing with the likes of Twenty Six Leeds, Epiphany Leeds. (Jaywing) They can be really proud of what they have managed to achieve so far – I really don’t see their progress halting anytime soon.

What Services Do They Provide?


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation


Theres a reason these guys are ranking well for one of the most challenging local terms outside of London – SEO Leeds & SEO Agency Leeds and that’s because they leave no stone un-turned.

How we do SEO

Google has over 200 signals that it actively uses to assess the quality of your web presence. As such, it is important to ensure that your SEO strategy is diverse and doesn’t rely on one or two tactics to manipulate your search visibility. We use the combined expertise of our teams to develop a strategy that aims to maximise accessibility, engagement and popularity.

We combine technical and creative thinking to prioritise key actions so that we can deliver results quickly. All our strategies are designed to provide you with search visibility that will last, ensuring you don’t fall victim to the next algorithm update or penalty roll-out.

We have a fantastic reputation within the Search industry and have a track record of delivering award winning results, even in highly competitive industries. Results are driven by our expertise, with each member of the team challenged and empowered to become an expert in their chosen discipline.

We also take advantage of industry-leading technology, developed internally by our Product Development team, which gives us transparent performance reporting, insights into market share and an ability to spot algorithm changes faster than any other software on the open market.


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PPC (Formally Google Adwords)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Not something I offer personally, simply because I feel it lacks real value because people know you have paid to be there. Also because I feel Google earns enough money without adding PPC to the equation.

Below is their very simple but effective approach to PPC

Our 6 Pillars of PPC are the foundation of our working practices which ultimately delivers rigour and attention to detail to our campaigns.

  • Account Structure
  • Keywords
  • Audience Data
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages
  • Bid Optimisation


Digital PR Services

Digital PR Services

Digital PR

A little out of my remit this one so I’ll let them explain…

Digital PR employs the same practices that traditional PR always has – communication, relationship building and creative thinking etc. However, the key difference is who you target and the tactics you use to get their attention.

Traditional PR tends to target print and broadcast press (and sometimes their online equivalents). Digital PR also targets these, alongside many other online avenues including bloggers, social influencers and forums where relevant.

Digital PR campaigns can be created and distributed directly to the target audience much more quickly than traditional PR, as they do not wholly lie in the hands of the media. Tactics such as viral videos, social media campaigns, blogger relations and forum interaction can connect a brand directly with its audience without the need for traditional journalistic support.

It is often leveraged alongside (or interchangeably) with content marketing in order to generate coverage or citations and links on authoritative sites to boost SEO performance.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You can have you’re site at the top of google but if the content doesn’t convert your visitors to customers it won’t generate you with the income you are hoping for. With the introduction of AR (Artificial into Google’s algorithm soon… this could also affect you’re search engine rankings. Branded3 have got you covered here.


Best practices can only get a website so far. Optimising with A/B split testing will make the most of improvements in your site’s audience by not only enhancing engagement but also ultimately increasing conversions.


It’s all about your audience. While analytical data can show what has happened on a site, it can’t tell you exactly why it has happened. Capturing the all-important qualitative human feedback is just as important to inform the testing of your website.


Are headlines delivering the impact you need? Are customers clicking where you want them to click? Are CTAs prominent enough? Using visual analysis, we can understand the true value of a page to a customer.


It’s one thing to build a great site, but how are your customers actually finding it? Understanding the customer journey through the site and uncovering any potential barriers to UX and conversion can prove to be very profitable.


As you can see Branded really dig their teeth into everything… Certainly not one of thee run of the mill design agencies Leeds offers. They could and should be considered a digital brand response group